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We are a professional company for expanding online and digital marketing businesses

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6097 Yonge St, North York, ON M2M 3W2

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Service Description

Advertising Design and Printing Logo Advertising, Office Set, Flyer Personal Card Business, Types of Catalogs and Brochures, Lightbox Advertising Banners, Billboards, Posters, Types of Sticker Specialized Sticker


Do all the photography and videography, specialized business photography, real estate photography, architecture and interior design

Digital media

Media Design, photography and making  advertising teasers and specialized animations, provide all kinds of advertising affairs on all social networks Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Google as well as social management.

Marketing and branding Personal branding and management

Launching e-business training conferences according to the purpose of selling

Website design and application

Specialized website design online stores online mobile applications

Computer services

Installation, repair, software and hardware support in a variety of computer systems installation vpn and launching all kinds of computer networks